Cool Roof Reflective Coatings
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295 – Metal Seam Sealer


Henry 295 Metal Seam Sealer is a white, rubber-based, mastic-grade, elastomeric sealant designed to seal critical fasteners and lap seams on metal roofing. The high tensile strength and elongation recovery help seal metal joints subject to movement. Fastener heads and side laps under 1/8" width can be brush or flow coated. Joints or laps larger than 1/8" require reinforcement between two consecutive applications with polyester reinforcement such as Henry 250 or 195.

Note: Not to be sold in southern California


  • Can be applied with a bulk cartridge applicator
  • May be coated with either an acrylic or solvent-based elastomeric reflective coating, or an asphalt-aluminum reflective coating
  • Not for use in VOC regulated areas


  • 0.5 gallons/square

Sizes available

  • 1 gallon, 5 gallon, 50 gallon

Data Sheets

Henry 295 Metal Seam Sealer Data Sheet Download PDF Add to BES Binder    

MSDS Sheets

Henry 295 Metal Seam Sealer MSDS Sheet Download PDF Add to BES Binder    

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