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HENRY CM100 Waterproofing Compound Alternative to Hot Applied Rubberized Waterproofing Eliminates Expensive and Hazardous Heated Kettle

El Segundo, CA (March 8, 2010) – Henry Company is introducing Henry®CM100, a new fast curing, one component waterproofing compound as a cold alternative to hot applied rubberized waterproofing membrane systems. Henry® CM100 is easier to apply as a one- or two-ply system; has no offensive solvent odors; has less harmful volatile chemicals, and being non-flammable presents minimal job site hazards.  In addition, Henry® CM100 is very easy to spread with a squeegee or roller, and can be applied to horizontal or vertical surfaces.

“Henry® CM100 provides the water proofing contractor with an innovative and efficient alternative to hot applied rubberized waterproofing.  It offers an excellent sustainable alternative to traditional hot applied waterproofing solutions and continues the trend towards new environmentally friendly construction products, which is accelerating at this time,” says Chris Brink, Senior Vice President, Product Development and Marketing. “We are excited that this, and our other new technologies, allow us to "build buildings better.”

The new Henry® CM100 is a cold-applied fluid, moisture curing waterproofing membrane.  It is applied in a high build two-ply system or single ply application.  The innovative membrane system cures through reaction with atmospheric moisture to provide a “heavy-duty” seamless, rubber-like impervious membrane.  It has excellent adhesion to most construction surfaces and is easy to use in small, confined spaces or “hard-to-get-at” applications.  It’s easily applied with a squeegee or roller, and designed for vertical or horizontal substrates.  It also has the ability to build thickness and to be applied in several thick multi-coat layers in the same day. 

While other cold-applied alternatives exist, most cold-applied systems contain a minimum of 10% solvents.  Such products have noxious odors and are often flammable.   They also can have a very slow cure rate and can be difficult to apply in multiple layers. 

The new Henry ® CM100 formula is solvent free, with no offensive odors, very low VOC, and a very fast cure (3 hours).  It has a high solid content (97%), bonds to “green” concrete and is non-flammable and non-hazardous.

Henry ®CM100 meets ASTM C836 and has excellent limited warranties for Single Ply Systems (5 year) and High Build Systems (10 year).  Contact a Henry Sales Representative for more information on High Build System Warranties).

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