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HENRY Introduces Blueskin WB™ Window and Door Flashing Membrane

El Segundo, CA (March 8, 2010) – Henry® Company, a leader in commercial air barrier technology and roof repair coatings, announces the launch of a new window and door flashing product that brings the best in commercial grade non-permeable flashing technology to a broader market.  Blueskin WB™ Window & Door Flashing Membrane is an engineered polyolefin film laminated to a rubberized asphalt compound, designed to withstand the rigorous demands of the commercial construction site.  Blueskin WB™ Window & Door Flashing Membrane is a product that brings commercial grade performance to the light commercial, residential building and retrofit markets.

Blueskin WB™ Window & Door Flashing Membrane is a non-permeable, air and water barrier membrane with a proprietary all-weather adhesive compound.  Blueskin WB™ is easily applied in a variety of weather conditions.  Marc Tropper, director of product management, said of the product, “We took our experience in commercial air barrier technology and applied it to this product for use in residential and light commercial construction.  The product is as robust as our best commercial grade membrane, but positioned for the needs of a broader marketplace.”

Self-adhered flexible flashing membranes have been in use for several years, but have still not yet gained complete acceptance in the marketplace.  “Despite what the building science tells us, folks still aren’t using the best possible membranes in their window and door installations, or other connections subject to water intrusion,” said Tim Callahan, senior vice president of business development. ”Folks will spend thousands of dollars for new windows, but neglect to ask for the best materials to seal around the installation.  We hope to increase awareness, so that consumers will be educated to include Blueskin WB™ Window & Door Flashing Membrane in their DIY or contracted projects.”  Poor installations lead to drafts and air leaks and water damage, which is a major concern of both installers and homeowners.  Proper counter-flashing installations are key to reducing costly water damage and air leakage. 

Blueskin WB™ Window & Door Flashing Membrane is an extension of Henry’s very successful Blueskin® family of high performance, self-adhered products that include non-permeable air/vapor barriers for cavity wall construction, roofing underlayment and waterproofing.  Blueskin products are a key part of Henry’s portfolio, one of the broadest portfolios of Building Envelope Systems® in North America.

For additional Information regarding Henry® Products or Services, please contact Henry® Customer Service at 1-800-486-1278.

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March 8, 2010