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Stone Mason® Super Proseal

Product Description
Installation and
Technical Literature
Application Tips
and Instructions

Designed specifically for use in potable water catchment and containment systems, Stone Mason® Super Proseal is a dry polymer-modified, cement-based, extremely smooth coating. Dampproofs and protects a range of surfaces, including concrete, masonry, stone and stucco.


  • Dries to a smooth, durable finish
  • Dampproofs and decorates in one step
  • Allows moisture vapor to escape
  • Cleans easily with warm water and detergent
  • Abrasion and mildew-resistant


  • Available in white


  • Each 22.7Kg (50 lb) bag will cover 70-93m2 (750–1000 sq ft), depending on surface porosity


  • Available in 22.7Kg (50 lb) bags

SDS Sheets

Stone Mason® Super Proseal SDS Sheet Download PDF      

Surface Preparation

All surfaces to be coated must be clean and structurally sounds, and free from dirt, dust, efflorescence, paint films, failed coatings or any other contaminant which may interfere with good bonding. Existing paint films must be completely removed to ensure maximum bonding and long term durability. Patch all holes or voids in concrete with Stone Mason® Vinyl Patch, UP2000, or Instant Patching Cement. Repair debonded stucco with Stone Mason® Surface Bond Fibre Cement, or Stone Mason® Plaster mix.


Mechanical mixing is recommended, especially on large scale installations. In a clean container place 7.8L (2 gal.) of clean potable water and slowly mix in on 22.7Kg (50lb.) bag of Super Proseal. Mix until a rich creamy consistency is achieved. Allow the mix to soak or "fatten" for 5 to 15 minutes and then remix, adding additional water of necessary. Water volume requirement will increase with temperature ranging from 7.8 litres (2 gal.) at 5C (40F) to 9.5L (2.5 gal.) at 32C (90F). Mixing time is approximately 1 minute per bag. To maximize the strength and performance of the finish, and to increase adhesion (especially recommended when applying to smooth, dense surfaces, use one part of Stone Mason® Acryli-Bond to three parts water as mixing liquid.


Use a broom, brush or spray to apply a uniform coat of Super Proseal. Dampen the previously prepared surface. Apply the first coat and broom or brush it into the surface. Apply more material and brush it out smooth. Proceed across the surface floating the material to achieve a smooth surface. Coating only as large a surface as can be floated before material sets. In hot sunny conditions at least people will be required to ensure work can proceed in an orderly manner. To achieve a smooth appearance float the surface with soft sponge float. Allow to cure overnight and apply the second coat. Always work to a wet edge. To reduce mortar joint read-through on masonry surfaces allow 5 to 7 days of curing before application of second coat. Allow 24 hours before top-coating. During hot, dry or windy conditions misting with a find spray of clean water is necessary to prevent excessive shrinkage on drying. Unfortunately water misting may cause colour variations and will necessitate topcoating.


Do not apply when temperature is expected to fall below 5C (40F) for 24 hours. Do not apply to frozen or frost-filled surfaces. Do not apply in rain, and protect fresh surface from rain until dry. Respect control joints and dynamic cracks. Avoid thick build-ups and sags. Thick buildups craze and crack.


Corrosive: May cause eye injury. If product gets into eyes, flush repeatedly with water and seek medical attention promptly. Avoid skin contact. If contact occurs, wash exposed skin with water. Protective eyewear should be worn.

First Aid Treatment

Cement with mixed with water results in a solution of calcium hydroxide. If splashed in eyes or skin, flush thoroughly with water.


Silica sands which may cause lung cancer.

The consumer shall satisfy themselves of the suitability of this product for the intended purpose. Weather, applicator's skill and surface conditions are beyond manufacturer's control. We, therefore, limit our liability to replacement of defective material only, within one year of proof of purchase.