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HE019 Permabind Tack Coat

Product Description
Installation and
Technical Literature

Henry HE019 – Binder/Tack Emulsion is a fluid chemical emulsion containing surface active agents to aid in "wetting" pavement surfaces. It is stable to mixing with clean sand and coarse aggregates for the preparation of surfacing or patching mixes and extensive dilution with cool, clean soft water for use as a priming and tack coat.

Diluted HE019 – Binder/Tack Emulsion is recommended for tack coating asphalt pavement surface whenever the bonding of the pavement surface coating products is questionable. It is also used as the binder for mastic mixes for patching depressions, as a binder for cold-laid asphalt pavement and as a damp proofing coating for new construction.


Data Sheets

HE019 – Binder/Tack Emulsion Data Sheet Download PDF      

SDS Sheets

HE019 – Binder/Tack Emulsion SDS Sheet Download PDF