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HE085 Gator-Aid

Product Description
Installation and
Technical Literature

Henry HE085 – Gator-Aid is a ready-to-use, asphaltic emulsion with mineral fillers, glass fiber, ground rubber, and plasticizers designed especially for repair of alligatored areas. Also used for filling cracks in excess of 1/2" in width on any asphaltic surfaces. Commonly used on asphaltic surfaces such as athletic courts, driveways,  running tracks, playgrounds, and walkways.


  • Can cover up to 75 linear feet of 1/2" x 1/2" depth cracks
  • Can cover up to 20 square feet per gallon for patching alligatoring areas and bird baths 1/4" in depth

Data Sheets

HE085 – Gator-Aid Data Sheet Download PDF      

SDS Sheets

HE085 – Gator-Aid SDS Sheet Download PDF