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Henry Maintenance Systems

All types of roofing solutions for various situations

Henry’s roofing maintenance system offers various roofing solutions to help you extend your roof’s service life.  Each system is designed to meet the needs of a specific existing roof material, while extending the maintenance life of that roof.  And most maintenance systems offer extended warranties (see a Henry representative for more details).

Henry offers systems for the following roofing scenarios

Leak repair systems

  • Premium quality mastics, sealants and patching fabrics for any leak repair
  • Seal around vents, flashings and skylights; keep moisture out of buildings and avoid damage

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Protective coating systems

  • Versatile protective coatings – in solvent-based and emulsion formulas – can be used alone, in conjunction with polyester reinforcement, or with a reflective top coat
  • Provide sound, waterproof protection to almost any roof surface: existing asphalt, metal, composition, modified or EPDM

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“Cool Roof” reflective coating systems

  • A wide assortment of white elastomeric and aluminum coatings designed to help cool and protect almost any roof surface
  • Coatings that meet ENERGY STAR® and Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) guidelines for energy efficiency may qualify for energy rebates

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Roof Maintenance Products – Base Coatings

Roofing Maintenance Products – Energy-Saving Top Coatings

Roofing Maintenance Products – Accessories

Roofing Maintenance Products - Resaturants