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120-09 Heavy Duty Fire-Resistive Lagging Coating

Product Description
Installation and
Technical Literature

A white, fire-resistive resin emulsion insulation lagging coating, which dries to a tough, flexible, weather-resistant finish. Resistant to water, mild acids, alkalis, petroleum solvents and salt solutions. When combined with heavy glass cloth or canvas, excellent puncture resistance is achieved. May be factory or field tinted to meet special colour requirements.

Used as a finish or combined adhesive and finish for installing lagging materials such as glass cloth, canvas, muslin or scrim. Used as a protective coating for thermal insulation on lines, ducts and equipment operating at above ambient temperatures. May be used on cold water or duo-temp insulation in low to normal humidity environments. Where high humidity may be expected, use 130-12.


  • Washable finish
  • Fire-resistive
  • Contains fungicide
  • Brush consistency
  • Indoor or outdoor use




Data Sheets

120-09 Heavy Duty Fire-Resistive Lagging Coating Data Sheet Download PDF      

SDS Sheets

120-09 Heavy Duty Fire-Resistive Lagging Coating SDS Sheet Download PDF