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Henry Blueskin LVC Adhesive

Product Description
Installation and
Technical Literature

Henry Blueskin® LVC Adhesive is a quick drying, lower volatile organic compound (VOC) formulation, rubber-based adhesive designed to enhance the adhesion of self-adhesive membranes such as Blueskin®. Used as an adhesive for self-adhesive membranes such as Blueskin SA, SALT, TWF, VP and WP200 when applied to masonry, concrete, wood, gypsum board, DensGlass™ Gold and metal surfaces. Blueskin LVC Adhesive is the surface preparation of choice on above-grade applications of self-adhered membranes where a quick setting, aggressive tack, solvent-based, lower VOC primer is required.


  • Compliant with OTC rules for industrial adhesives and sealants and California South Coast Rule 1168
  • Quick setting
  • Aggressive tack provides improved adhesion of membrane to substrate
  • Suitable for application at normal and low temperatures
  • Easily applied


  • 4.5 gallon

Data Sheets

Henry Blueskin LVC Adhesive Data Sheet Download PDF      

SDS Sheets

Henry Blueskin LVC Adhesive SDS Sheet Download PDF      

Health Product Declarations

Henry Blueskin LVC Adhesive Health Product Declaration Download PDF      


Henry Blueskin Self Adhesive Membrane Primers
Henry® Blueskin Self Adhesive Membrane Primers

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