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Adhesives and Primers

Henry’s extensive product line of adhesives and primers can be utilized on a wide range of roofing applications. The elements these products have in common include high strength bonds, durable sealing, quick and easy application, excellent low temperature flexibility and prevention of bleed-through, discoloring and staining.

  • Henry/Bakor 910-01
    • An asphalt-based material for priming surfaces before applying hot mopped or cold applied asphalt coatings, roof cements, mastics and adhesives
    • Solvent based, its highly penetrating qualities assure a firm bond
  • Henry 930-18
    • A solvent-based, synthetic rubber sealant adhesive designed to prepare concrete and other construction surfaces
    • Quick setting
    • Suitable for application at below freezing temperatures
    • Easily applied by brush, roller or light duty spray equipment
  • Henry 930-38
    • A non-flammable adhesive designed for use with self-adhered SBS modified bitumen base sheets
    • Non-flammable wet
    • Designed for brush applications
    • Quick tack
  • QuikDry™ Primer – Aerosol
    • Used to prime all types of metal to enhance adhesion of asphalt mopped and thermofused membranes.
    • Convenient spray can is available in 6 packs
    • No brushes or rollers required
    • Fastest drying Henry primer available
  • MB Flashing Adhesive 880-11
    • A solvent-type, rubberized asphalt adhesive used as a cold adhesive for bonding flashing layers of sand surfaced polymer modified asphalt sheets
    • Provides excellent bond strength
    • Excellent low temperature flexibility
  • MBA Gold Roofing Adhesive
    • A fibrated, rubberized adhesive used to bond SBS modified bitumen membranes
    • Provides excellent bond strength
    • Excellent low temperature flexibility
    • Spray or brush applied
  • Thermostik 880-33
    • Cold applied adhesive for polyisocyanurate insulation
    • Sets rapidly and develops a strong bond
    • Can be applied at temperatures below freezing
    • Compatible with asphalt and coal tar roofing
  • Thermostik 840-10
    • 100% solids, asphalt extended, ambient temperature, vulcanizing adhesive
    • Wide temperature window - can be applied at temperatures down to -10º C
    • Compatible with all insulation including polystyrene
    • Can be used on asphalt and coal tar surfaces
  • 830-05 Fire Resistive Roof and Insulation Adhesive
    • Fluid, rapid-setting, synthetic rubber-based adhesive, which dries to a very tacky film
    • Very fluid consistency allows easy application by brush, roller or spray
    • Can be applied at low temperatures
  • Vapor-Bloc Adhesive
    • Non-flammable during application
    • Available in Regular and Winter grades for easy year-round application
    • Rapid setting

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